Commercial Faucets

Bedpan Cleanser Assembly with In Wall Supply Stops


Color Images

  • Polished Chrome (002)

Every American Standard Commercial Faucets is designed to work flawlessly and dependably year after year, saving time, money and maintenance headaches.
Includes Component parts:
  • 7837.124 Atmospheric vacuum breaker
  • 6024.000 By-Pass Valve with Heritage Cross Handle
  • 7866.115 Nozzle with hook
  • 7001.000 In-wall supply with Metal Cross Handle
  • Self closing handle

Fixtures & Components

Main Fixtures

  • 7880.183 - Bedpan Cleanser Assembly
    Estimated List Price: $868
    Replaces 7880.083

Add. Fixture/Component Parts

  • 6024.000 - By-Pass Valve
    • By-Pass Valve with HeritageĀ® Cross Handle & Screwdriver Stops
  • 7866.115 - Bedpan Cleanser
    Estimated List Price: $357
    Replaces 7866.015
  • 7837.124 - Vacuum Breaker
    Estimated List Price: $149
    Replaces 7837.024

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